Did you know that approximately 250-300 persons a year
are hit by Sudden Cardiac Arrests 
 are a particularly serious clinical situation 
 in the Ticino region alone? 


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When confronted with sudden cardiac arrest, the immediate involvement of fellow citizens in proximity to the scene of the accident, who apply resuscitation maneuvers supported by the use of semi-automated defibrillators, has been proven to be crucial for both the patient’s prognosis and his/her broader quality of life.

In this scenario, following its commitment with the Canton of Ticino, the Ticino Cantonal Federation of Ambulance Services (FCTSA) with the support of the Ticino Cuore Foundation has been charged with teaching the basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques, together with the use of defibrillators, to ordinary citizens within the Ticino borders.

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