The TI-RECA: the Ticino Cardiac Arrest Registry 

Ticino Cuore autonomously manages the Cardiac Arrest Registry so as to measure the quality and impact of its programs by means of specific and reliable records. In addition, the archive allows to select specific data to improve current and future studies. This key tool combines:

  • the FCTSA resuscitation register;
  • a database of the public defibrillators installed within the territory;
  • data involving the First Responder network;
  • anonymous patient clinical data;
  • organizational data of the Ticino Soccorso 144 head office;

This activity is organized and managed in compliance with the legislation in force, which involves the protection of private data. In addition, the registry is subject to authorizations granted by the Federal Office for the Protection of Data.

In greater detail, in the case of a sudden cardiac arrest, an online file containing specific information of the injured is drafted and forwarded to a centralized database. The assessment and analysis of the information allows us to monitor the quality of our services as well as highlighting specific epidemiologic information that is related to our field of application. Currently, Ticino is the only Swiss Canton which has this crucial tool at its disposal. Thus, our system channels its organizational strategies based on objective and assessed data; moreover, it compares our national data with overseas realities. The management of this important tool involves the implementation of organizational and assessment strategies. Thanks to the data gathered through the “Utstein” Registry, we can show our detailed results during prestigious national and international scientific conferences and congresses.



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