Psychological Support

Emotional and psychological support for those experiencing a Sudden Cardiac Arrest and/or performing resuscitation procedures

Because of its uniqueness, a Sudden Cardiac Arrest is always an event which has a major psychological and emotional impact on those witnessing it and/or performing the resuscitation.

During these moments, thoughts and emotions are amplified and so is the physical effort needed to achieve the resuscitation.

Once the intervention is performed, it is important for these people to take time to elaborate their emotions.  By elaborating the past experiences with professional help, those involved do not risk turning their emotions into greater psychological issues, a process which is technically called “post-traumatic stress”.

The Ticino Cuore Foundation is particularly keen on working around this secondary aspect related to Sudden Cardiac Arrests. This is done with the aim to elaborate “physiologically” the emotions undergone the resuscitation phase, thus implementing the specific operational strategies set forth herein.

Ticino Cuore’s offer

In this context, Ticino Cuore considers further psychological support extremely important for those involved. Not only they can improve their health, but they also manage to elaborate the event they witnessed or suffered in the most beneficial manner.

In most cases, it is useful to express one’s feelings with a trusted person. Yet, it might be enough to talk to a close friend, a family member or with someone who can supply more detailed information about the specific situation.

When this cannot be done autonomously, thus when health issues are triggered, Ticino Cuore shall be happy to offer professional services to all of those who feel the need to:

  • share their feelings with a professional figure;
  • take advantage of supportive information involving the outcomes of the intervention;
  • gather further information involving the patient’s health (always in compliance with confidentiality guidelines).

For this reason, Ticino Cuore created a support Team with “debriefers” and counsellors partnership with the Alaya Foundation. All the professionals are experts in the field of prehospital emergency care and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Feel free to call: (+41) 091 800 1818 and the Ticino Soccorso 144 employees shall put you in contact with our collaborators. From there, they will discuss all of your experiences and find the best strategy to elaborate the experience with you. 

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