Ticino Cuore's chronicles 

October 2001

Motion lodged by Dr med. Alessandro Del Bufalo and co-signatories: “Cantonal primary intervention plan in case of Sudden Cardiac Arrests”.

January 2002

DSS – Creation of a workshop coordinated by the FCTSA.

May 2002

First meeting of the workshop, coordinated by Dr med. Romano Mauri.

December 2002

Policy Conference ESC/ERC.

March 2003

ESC/ERC recommendations for the use of automated external defibrillators (AED) in Europe.

Jan. - Dec. 2004

Feasibility study.

November 2004

Message from the Council of State of the Ticino Canton.

June 2005

Approval of the Report drafted by the Grand Council’s Board of Health.

Autumn 2005

Creation of the Ticino Cuore Foundation following the initiative of the Ticino Cantonal Federation of Ambulance Services (FCTSA) and the CardioCentro Ticino. Spring 2006: Kick-off of the Ticino Cuore project. Handing over of the first defibrillators to the rescue partners and launch of the “First responder” network.

March 2007

Motion lodged by Dr med. Alessandro Del Bufalo: “Cantonal primary intervention plan in case of Sudden Cardiac Arrests”: version 2007.

Sept. 2009 - June 2014

      Training in precocious resuscitation of all of the pupils of the 4th class of the secondary schools of the Ticino Canton. Feasibility study for the installation of automated defibrillators in all the sports centres of the Ticino Canton and private apartment blocks.

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