The Cavaliere del Cuore award

Every year the Ticino Cuore Foundation celebrates the “Cavaliere del Cuore” event. During this special day, all the people who promptly responded to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event, whether spontaneously or by following a request forwarded by the Ticino Soccorso 144 head office, are awarded with a prize and a certificate. 

What makes it special is that they appear to be “common” citizens, although they bear a deep human richness.As the epic renaissance knights, who are still celebrated for their heroic gestures, the Cavalieri del Cuore(The knights of the Heart) stand out for their ideals as the paladins of braveness, sacrifice and altruism. 

In between the multiple talks given by authorities, institutions and collaborators, Ticino Cuore takes an important moment to celebrate and thank those who concretely supported the project by saving another’s life with cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Approximately, over 600 persons have been awarded the Cavaliere del Cuore certification so far. Among the awarded, in the first place we thank our partner services of the rescue units such as police corps, the firefighters, and border patrols. As a matter of fact, this highlights the excellent cooperation between institutions, which it has shown to be crucial for the positive outcome of Ticino Cuore’s activities. 

Because of their widespread presence within our territory, they are the first ones to get on the scene even before the arrival of health care technicians. Thus, their training is vital to manage Sudden Cardiac Arrest cases efficiently.Indeed, all the other “common” citizens, who performed resuscitation operations when confronted with Sudden Cardiac Arrest cases, are awarded with the Cavaliere del Cuore certificate.In addition, we also invite many of patients who were successfully reanimated to take part in the ceremony to hand over the award to those who saved their lives. It is an extremely touching moment, where humanity and immense emotions can be perceived and touched first hand by all the guests.

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