Make the right choice: a defibrillator today takes all your worries away! 

Nowadays, the market for non-professional health-care users offers a wide range of defibrillators. Despite their domestic use, the quality is as reliable as for the professional models. Still, the various types differ because of their different structural and functional characteristics. 

Yet, their price is what is crucial to most clients. As a matter of fact, a valuable defibrillator means investing thousands of Swiss Francs, which include the good itself and its maintenance for a correct functioning. Furthermore, since technology evolves at a fast rate, defibrillators need to be continuously updated with the latest software versions. 

For this reason, Ticino Cuore offers the chance to lease various models of defibrillators at extremely competitive prices. In this way, one can avoid all of the inconveniences of owning and maintaining one, and it widens the offer to the general public. The various offers differ according to several criteria such as the number of defibrillators rented as well as the terms of the agreement (which range from a single day lease up to over one year).

The leasing prices include: 

  • the official annual maintenance performed in compliance with the Cantonal Guidelines;
  • the update of the software which analyzes the heart beat and the resuscitation procedures in compliance with the latest international guidelines;
  • theft and damage insurance;
  • substitution of the machine in case of its malfunctioning;
  • ordinary maintenance operations (expiry date of the plates, batteries, disposable materials);
  • quality assessment when the defibrillator is used (i.e. the specific analysis of the data concerning the events);
  • psychological debriefing if requested and/or needed.

The maintenance of the appliances is guaranteed by experts who are employed by the regional Ambulance Services.

If you are interested, do not hesitate and ask for a tailor-made offer by compiling our contact form


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