Secondary schools

With the “Cantonal primary intervention plan in case of Sudden Cardiac Arrests”, which involves pupils of the 4th year of all of the secondary schools within the Ticino region, Ticino Cuore promotes a cantonal awareness campaign to encourage healthy lifestyles and illustrate risk factors for SCA. 

This is a first-time project on a national scale and it involves approximately 3’100 students of the 4thyear of secondary school. The project includes 41 schools and 49 classes. In greater detail, the training project alternates theoretical notions, which are supported by didactic and interacting material as well as multimedia tools, with practical workshops where students can train their abilities with defibrillators and mannequins. At the end of the course, which lasts approximately half a day, each student attends an exam to obtain the BLS/DAE certification issued by the Swiss Resuscitation Council that is recognized nationally. In addition, this course also includes informational aspects which involve risk factors of cardiovascular diseases and other crucial risk factors for the health. In this context, students are followed by both their ordinary professors and the FCTSA instructors, who are trained to teach youngsters between 14 and 15 years. 

Besides its theoretical part, the course is interactive and aims at promoting a healthy lifestyle and stimulating the pupils to contemplate their actions. Most importantly, the course teaches the importance of individual responsibility and solidarity within fellow citizens. Finally, this course also gives the chance to students to express their own opinions and work within a wider group.

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