The positioning of external defibrillators for public purposes (PAED), which are accessible to everyone 24/7, needs to be performed by following a structured analysis that involves several fundamental elements such as:

  • The incidence of Sudden Cardiac Arrests over time;
  • The density of the population and its social structure (e.g. urban areas or out-of-city areas, age, etc.);
  • Potentially dangerous activities and/or events (i.e. sports, events with large crowds, etc.);
  • The positioning of “private” defibrillators. 

As a matter of fact, a growing number of municipal authorities demand for our specific consultancies regarding the optimal positioning of PAEDs. 

Our fees include the submission of a document that takes into consideration the above-mentioned data and information hence offering several solutions depending on the personal needs. Afterwards, these solutions are discussed and negotiated between the parties so as to reach the best positioning.

By clicking on the post, you will find an example of a consultancy regarding the positioning of public defibrillators.

Note: the document is in Italian only. 

Example of a consultancy for public defibrillators.

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